client list

studio engineer

François Pirette BROADCAST MIX 'François Pirette nous ...' 2013
My Cousin From Japan SONG 'The Smith' 2013
Pierre André EP 'Pierre André et les Matinaux' 2012
Mokoomba CD 'Mokoomba' 2011
Stereoseat SONG 'Stumbling Through The Daylight' 2011
Absynthe Minded CD 'Absynthe Minded Unplugged' 2011
Girls In Hawaii DVD 'Not Here' 2008
Stef Bos DVD 'Storm' 2008
A School Of Quiet EP 'Lotuseater' 2007
Live Is Life DVD 'Boogie Boy' 2007
Live Is Life BROADCAST MIX 'Rock Werchter'
Live Is Life BROADCAST MIX 'Clouseau @ Sportpaleis' 2006
Live Is Life CD 'NOTP 2006' 2006